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5 Reasons Your Vape Could Taste Burnt and How To Fix It

Unfortunately one of the common problems that people report across the vaping community is that their vaping device has begun to taste burnt, meaning that they are no longer being able to enjoy the flavoured vape that they have become so accustom to.

As we always want any of customers to enjoy their vaping experience, we thought that we would create a quick troubleshooting guide for those that struggle with this problem, so that you can quickly correct the issue and get back to enjoying your vape.

Why does my vape taste like burning or burnt?

Due to the way in which eCigarettes work, every single pen or device has a requirement to produce heat, which in turn then vapourises the e-liquid that you have chosen.

That heating element known as the atomiser (atomizer) is the general cause of the problem that you are experiencing, however there are a couple of reasons that the burnt taste that you are experiencing is happening.

Below we have the five main causes that make eCigarettes and vapourisers give off that burnt taste rather than the flavouring that you would expect.

The Atomiser needs replacing

As briefly mentioned above, the atomiser element within your device is the part that is heated to produce the vapour that you then inhale during your vape, however these do at varied times need to be maintained or replaced to ensure that you are getting the best out of your device, minimising the chances of burnt vape taste and lower vapour cloud production.

For those that have eCigarette pen style devices, the atomiser is often combined with the tank element of your device, known as a clearomiser (clearomizer).

Due to the level of heat being passed through the device, the atomiser is likely to have a variable length of time in which it can perform its task to the level that you need, however they do suffer from excessive use and this can often mean that they need to be replaced.

However, if like many vapers within the UK, you are using a device that is separate from the tank and instead uses disposable coils or slightly more advanced rebuildable coils, the likelihood is that you are going to need a new coil installed.

If your device has pre-made coils, your device will often be supplied with a secondary coil within the box in which your device came from, but if you have already used the additional coil supplied you will need to purchase further coils in order to return your vaping experience to what you have already become accustom to.

Rebuildable coil users will need to look at their coil to see whether it has burnt out or begun to do so, in which case you would have to remove the wicking cotton, attempt to clean it and re-wick or alternatively simply replace the coil element itself.

The Atomiser needs to be cleaned

As with almost everything in life, excessive use of your vaping device is going to produce ‘wear and tear’ on the atomiser element and included within those effects is that the coil becomes dirty from excessive e-liquid saturation or wicking cotton becoming burnt due to the heat produced within the vaping process.

Cleaning your atomiser can help to eliminate the burnt taste that you are experiencing, however doing so means that you need to know of the right way to clean it, dependent on the atomiser set up that your device uses.

For example, if your device uses a clearomiser then you need to ensure that you do not saturate the complete clearomiser in water as this can often make the wick too wet and result in no vapour being produced once you engage the power button.

If your device uses a rebuildable coil system, you can simply look to remove the wicking cotton from the coil, slowly pulsate the coil with heat by pressing the power for short periods of time to allow the coil to ‘dry burn’ and attempt to clear any excess liquid on itself.

You have not primed your new atomiser or coil properly

It is important to make sure that when you add a new atomiser or coil to your device that you follow the best practice for ‘priming’ then, which is simply to ensure that the wick and coil are not burning before your chosen e-liquid has been able to reach the heated element within the device.

Generally this is an easy task and simply means that once you have added the new atomiser or coil to your device, you fill either your clearomiser or tank with the e-liquid that you plan to vape and allow that to be absorbed into the wick.

For those that are using rebuildable coil systems, we suggest that at the time of building your coil, you apply a small amount of e-liquid direct to both the coil and the cotton wick to speed up the process.

It is widely thought that allowing your new atomiser or rebuilt coil to ‘prime’ for 5 minutes minimum is enough to protect your atomiser element from potential ‘dry hits’ or burnt tasting vapour but the longer that you can leave it above that threshold the better.

Your device is vaping on too high voltage or temperature

As the eCigarette and vaping market continues to evolve and grow, there has been a vast increase the in number of devices that allow you to be able to take more control over your vaping experience through either variable voltage settings or more recently temperature controlled devices.

If you have have cleaned your atomiser element, whether that be either a rebuildable coil system or clearomiser based element, replaced your atomiser but still experience the burnt taste while vaping, the chances are that your settings are too high for your atomiser to be able to handle.

Take a moment to review the settings that you have placed onto your device and compare those to the settings that you had while enjoying a vape that contained the flavours that you expect during your vaping session, if you have increased either the power or temperature, restore them back to the level that you had your device at previously.

Your e-liquid levels are too low

Remember that the atomiser is only effective if there is enough e-liquid for it to be able to vapourise and that means that you need to keep an eye on the level of liquid that you have available within the tank or clearomiser for it to heat.

Your eCigarette or vapouriser is likely to have a tank in which you can see the level of liquid still retained within it and if that is the case you need to ensure that the liquid is high enough to be able to still cover the holes within the atomiser, or if you are using a clearomiser, enough so that the wick is still covered at the bottom so that it can absorb it effectively.

If you feel that your level of e-liquid could potentially be too low, simply refill the tank to half way and allow the liquid to soak for 5 minutes.

For those of you that are reading this and have a device that is cartridge based, we would suggest that you look to change your cartridge as soon as possible to see if that is the cause of your issue, remembering to make sure that your heat elements are cleaned before applying a new cartridge to your device.


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