Bad Blood E-Liquid by Nasty Juice (40ml)

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Bad Blood e-liquid from the Nasty Juice e-liquid selection brings a solid fruity flavour to the market that seems to be lacking across over brands at the moment, taking ripe blackcurrants fresh from their vine before muddling their fresh, crisp flavour is a refreshing fresh mint undertone.
With such big flavour notes ready to be unleashed, Nasty Juice have taken the decision to bottle their eJuice in 40ml sized aluminium bottles, locking the extensive levels of flavour into your liquid for longer than ever before, a welcome touch for those of you that are looking for intense flavour that is sure to keep your vaping enjoyment at a maximum.
A perfect blend of 70/30 VG, Bad Blood eJuice by Nasty Juice is packed with refreshingly good flavour on multiple levels, taking the juicy fruit base and laying that over a fresh mint burst that will certainly have you reaching for more of this little number before you even reach the bottom of your tank.