BMI Goldie Back 2 Basics Killa RDA

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The BMI Goldie RDA is the pinnacle of simplicity, taking a step away from innovation design and instead creating an RDA dripper that is so simple that it is brilliant and made from only premium materials they are designed for action and ready to take all of the abuse you can give them.
With a core focus on making sure that they hit hard, everytime, BMI have done away with the temptation to add custom airflow technology and have simply created a hear wearing RDA that truly hits the hard notes with each draw you take.
A truly inspirational creation, the BMI Goldie RDA is a cloud chaser's dream, ensuring that not only are you given ample space to build your own coils but the weight here is so dense that the quality shines throughout both visually and by feel. 
Turn your back on all of those lightweight RDA's out there on the market and get back to what RDA's should be like, hard hitting with huge vapour production with every inhale to experience the true meaning of brilliance.
Don't be fooled into thinking simplicity means less care is taken, the BMI Goldie RDA is one of the hardest hitters out there right now and with a fully plated 24k gold deck and posts, the quality is in it's beauty.
The BMI Goldie RDA is available in a choice of different colours, including Rose Gold, Gold, Black and Rocket Blue, making them a stunning addition to any mod you so wish to grace with its presence.
BMI Goldie RDA Features:
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Designed For Cloud Chasers
  • 24k Gold Plated Deck and Posts
  • Simple and Sleek Design
  • Laser Etched Logo Design
  • Available in Various Colours
  • Large Juice Well 
  • Quad Airflow Grooves
  • Made From Brass

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