Ethos Apple Crispy Treats E-Liquid

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Ethos Apple Crispy Treats e-liquid is a taste bud tingling crispy treat delight with a hint of apple flavour to give a flavour sensation embedded within one of the best marshmallow square juices on the market.

A fine combination between crispy breakfast cereal base with a sweet marshmallow folded generously to perfection with a twist of apple flavouring that is subtle yet detectable to really get your taste buds watering.

Blended as a 75/25 VG blend, you get dense vapour production and mouth-watering taste from a brand that have established themselves as a leading name in US made e-liquids within the sweets and dessert flavour options.

Sold as a 10ml bottle as standard in order to be TPD compliant, these premium e-liquids are flying off the shelf and with very good reason.