Pineapple Bliss E-Liquid by Far (10ml)

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Pineapple Bliss eliquid from Far ELiquids is just one of the brilliant collection that we have for you from a US based eJuice company that has shown a sensational ability to blend some of the most appealing flavour notes that we have found coming over the water of late.

As if sweet, juicy pineapple juice isn’t enough already, Far Eliquids have stepped up their offering to combine it with a duo of sweet berries and succulent mango to create an infusion of fruity flavours that will leave you craving more after each vape you take.

In order to comply with the UK TPD regulations, TVS sell Pineapple Bliss in 10ml bottles in a choice of two nicotine strengths to suit your needs and if you haven’t already experienced an exotic taste that makes your toes curl, now’s your chance.